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DVDs For Sale! Prices Include Shipping! Paypal Wanted! (1 Viewer)

Joseph Tidline

Supporting Actor
Feb 16, 2003
Please read the thread in it's entirety before posting!

Please do not post unless you are serious about buying!

I am selling the majority of my DVD collection so I can pay off some bills immediately. Right now I am only looking to sell. I am not interested in trading at this time. These DVDs are Region 1, opened and in mint/excellent condition with the original cases and inserts (if they came with any). I take great care of my DVD collection. All prices include shipping via Media Mail. I accept Paypal only and I only ship within the United States. I am a Gold Trader. So, if you see anything of interest please let me know at [email protected] .


Recently added titles are in BOLD!

The prices listed include shipping!!!!

(I ONLY sell the $7 titles in multiples of 2 or more at a time unless purchased along with a higher priced title.)

$7 DVDs (3 for $19)
All That Jazz (Roy Scheider) - $7
The Blair Witch Project - $7
The Cutting Edge (D. B. Sweeny/Moira Kelly) - $7
Desperate Measures (Michael Keaton/Andy Garcia) - $7
The Faculty (Elijah Wood/Josh Hartnett) - $7
Five on the Black Hand Side [Soul Cinema] - $7
Homecoming: A Christmas Story [Inspired The Waltons] - $7
I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (Keenan Ivory Wayans) - $7
JAWS: CE (Roy Scheider/Richard Dreyfuss) - $7
Lara Croft - Tomb Raider: SE (Angelina Jolie) - $7
The Matrix (Keanu Reeves) - $7
Resident Evil: SE [non-Superbit] (Milla Jovovich) - $7
Shaft [1971] (Richard Roundtree) - $7
Slaughter [Soul Cinema] (Jim Brown) - $7

$10 DVDs (3 for $25)
8 Mile "UNRATED" [WS] (Eminem/Kim Basinger) - $10
Chicago [WS] (Catherine Zeta Jones/Richard Gere) - $10
Daredevil [WS/2 discs] (B. Affleck/J. Garner) - $10
2 Fast 2 Furious [WS/Scratch on UPC] (Paul Walker/Tyrese) - $10
The Goonies (Sean Astin/Corey Feldman) - $10
It's A Wonderful Life (Jimmy Stewart) - $10
Lost in Yonkers (Richard Dreyfuss/Mercedes Ruehl) - $10
One Hour Photo [WS] (Robin Williams) - $10
Pee Wee's Big Adventure - $10 SOLD
Radio Days (Woody Allen) - $10
Superman II (Christopher Reeve) - $10

TV Boxsets
CSI: The Complete Season One [6 discs] (w/"Police Line Do Not Cross" wrap around) - $40

The Rest
Jingle All The Way [OOP] (Arnold Schwarzenegger) - $12
The Parent Trap [1998] (Lindsey Lohan/Dennis Quaid) - $12
Pearl Harbor: Vista Series Director's Cut [4 discs] (Ben Affleck) - $18
Terminator 2: Judgement Day: Ultimate Edition (Metal Slip Cover/One Disc/Dual Layered) [OOP] - $20

Looking for Paypal only!



I also have these action figures for sale as well:

Movie Maniacs
Michael Meyers - $10
Norman Bates - $10
Ash - $12 SOLD
Shaft (Samuel L. Jackson) - $10

Metal Gear Solid
Meryl Silverburgh - $10
Vulcan Raven - $12

Wings of Redemption Spawn - $12

Austin Powers
Dr. Evil - $10
Mini Me - $10
Austin Powers - $10
Austin "Danger" Powers (underwear & socks) - $10

I also have a few non McFarlane figures.

SNL Nat X (Chris Rock) - $10
Star Wars AOTC 12" Mace Windu - $15

All figures are in unopened packages and are MINT to Near Mint condition.

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