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DVD's and video games

Discussion in 'Media Classifieds' started by JoelAJ, Oct 9, 2004.

  1. JoelAJ

    JoelAJ Supporting Actor

    Sep 20, 2000
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    Trade or paypal sale. Prices include shipping. Items without prices are for trade only!

    - DVD's -
    Amelie (2-disc)
    Fight Club (2-disc) (1st Pressing) OOP
    Pulp Fiction: Collector's Edition (2-disc)
    Bad Company
    Iron Monkey 2
    The Ring
    Count of Monte Cristo
    24 Season 1 (sealed) ($35 shipped)
    24 Season 2 ($35 shipped)
    Royal Tenenbaums: Criterion Collection

    - GAMECUBE -
    Viewtiful Joe
    Mario Party 4 (cover and manual only)
    Gamecube AC Adapter (Nintendo brand) ($15)

    - XBOX -
    Burnout 2: Point of Impact: Director's Cut ($18)
    Project Gotham Racing 2 ($25)
    Tenchu: Return To Darkness
    XBOX DVD Playback Kit (microsoft brand) ($20)
    XBOX A/V cable (Microsoft brand) ($10)

    - PS2 -
    Arc The Lad
    Front Mission 4 ($25)
    NBA Street 2
    Onimusha 3: Demon Siege ($25)
    Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII (sealed) ($25)
    Smash Court Tennis Pro Tournament 2 ($25)
    Socom 2
    Time Crisis 2 + GunCon2
    PS2 RF Adapter (Sony brand) (with box and manual) ($10)
    PS2 DualShock2 controller (black)

    - GBA -
    Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past / Four Swords (cart only)
    Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga (complete) (played once) ($23)
    Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 (complete) (played once) ($22)
    Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3 (cart-only)
    TV Converter (Brand New!) ($30)

    - NES -
    NES Top Loader system (with 2 regular controllers, RF adapter, and AC adapter)

    - N64 -
    N64 system (with 2 controllers, hookups)

    - PSX -
    Playstation system with 2 DualShock controllers

    - GUIDES -
    Devil May Cry by BradyGames ($7)
    Devil May Cry by VersusBooks ($7)

    - WANTED -
    Mario Golf Advance (GBA)
    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (GBA)
    Ninja Five-O (GBA)
    Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga strategy guide (GBA)
    other GBA games
    GBA or GBA-SP system
    Full Spectrum Warrior (XBOX)
    Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow (XBOX)
    Steel Batallion (XBOX)
    Steel Batallion 2 (XBOX)
    Crimson Skies (XBOX)
    Star Wars Trilogy (widescreen) DVD
    Disney's Alladin DVD
    Black Hawk Down: Deluxe Edition DVD
    Snake In The Eagle Shadow (US release) DVD
    Family Guy Volume 1 DVD
    Once Upon A Time in Mexico DVD
    Harry Potter Sorcerer's Stone
    Guns 'N Roses: Use Your Illusion I Tour DVD
    Guns 'N Roses: Use Your Illusion I Tour DVD
    Guns 'N Roses: Greatest Hits DVD
    Disney and other animated mvie DVD's
    SuperBit DVD's
    Newly-released DVD’s
    Concert DVD's
  2. Vinito

    Vinito Extra

    Oct 9, 2004
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    i need fight club and the ring. check my recent thread in this forum

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