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Dvd's and Ps2 games for sale/trade (1 Viewer)

Luke Foust

Stunt Coordinator
Sep 19, 2000
Add $2 for shipping. Box Sets may be more. Also, buy 2 or more and save on shipping. I accept paypal only.I only ship to the continental US.
email me with any questions or offers.Dvd's24: Season 1$40Almost Famous (original release)$11Bandits: Special Edition$11Blow: Infinifilm$11Cleopatra (includes corrected disc)$12From Hell LE$12Mad Max: Special Edition$11Memento (original release)$11Monster's Ball$12Panic Room: Superbit$13Planet of the Apes Limited Edition Box Set$55Princess Bride (original release)$10Pulp Fiction (original release)$12Rage Against the Machine$10Stigmata: Special Edition$10The Patriot$12Thirteen Days: Infinifilm$11Traffic: original release$12Transformers: The Movie$12Usual Suspects (original Release OOP)$12PS2 GamesATV Offroad $15Dark Cloud $15Final Fantasy X w/strategy guide$30Grand Theft Auto III$35High Heat Major League Baseball 2003$35Kessen $10Madden 2001$10Madden 2002$20Maximo$20Medal of Honor:Frontline $35Metal Gear Solid 2$25MLB SlugFest 20-03$35Nascar 2001 $10NBA Live 2001$10Red Faction $15Star Wars Starfighter (no instruction book)$15Summoner $15Swing Away Golf $15Twisted Metal Black$20DVD High Want ListDoctor Zhivago: Special EditionSwingers: Collector's SeriesUltimate JordanBand of Brothers (boxset)The Graduate: Special EditionThe Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: Platinum Series (4 disc)Newsies: Collector's EditionMalcom in the Middle Season OneStarship Troopers: Special EditionSopranos, The: The Complete First SeasonSopranos, The: The Complete Second SeasonSopranos, The: The Complete Third SeasonRevenge Of The Nerds 1 & 2: Double FeatureDVD Want ListA Streetcar Named Desire: Director's Cut 4/1/1997 Amadeus: Director's Cut 9/24/2002 Atlantis: The Lost Empire: Collector's Edition 1/29/2002 Beverly Hills Cop II: Collector's Edition 1/29/2002 Beverly Hills Cop III: Collector's Edition 1/29/2002 Beverly Hills Cop: Collector's Edition 1/29/2002 Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey 12/4/2001 Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure 12/4/2001 Bull Durham: Special Edition 4/2/2002 Casablanca: Collector's Edition 11/23/1999 City Slickers 5/8/2001 Conan The Barbarian: Collector's Edition 5/30/2000 Frenzy 3/6/2001 Gone With the Wind 3/7/2000 Lethal Weapon 2: Director's Cut 6/6/2000 Lethal Weapon 4: Premiere Collection 12/15/1998 Lethal Weapon: Director's Cut 6/6/2000 Major League 9/24/2002 Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear 8/15/2000 Naked Gun 33 1/3: The Final Insult Old Yeller 5/7/2002 Pearl Harbor: Vista Series: Director's Cut 7/2/2002 Pollyanna 5/7/2002 Pretty In Pink 8/20/2002 Rocky Gift Set: Special Edition 4/24/2001 Short Circuit 2 8/7/2001 Short Circuit: Special Edition 9/19/2000 Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace: Special Edition 10/16/2001 Superman Box SetSwiss Family Robinson 5/7/2002 Tarzan: Collector's Edition 4/18/2000 Taxi Driver: Collector's Edition 6/15/1999 Teen Wolf/Teen Wolf Too: Double Feature 8/27/2002 That Thing You Do! 6/5/2001 The Birds: Collector's Edition 3/28/2000 The James Bond 007 Collection Vol. 2: Special EditionThe James Bond 007 Collection Vol. 3: Special EditionThe Mask of Zorro: Special Edition 9/25/2001 The Natural 4/3/2001 The Trouble with Harry 3/6/2001 The Truth About Cats & Dogs 4/17/2001 Tootsie 5/29/2001 Top Secret! 7/16/2002 U2 Rattle and Hum 11/23/1999 Vertigo: Collector's Edition 3/31/1998
Click Here to see my full collection/want list etc.

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