DVDR3000 Samsung DVD Recorder

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  1. Ernest

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    Dec 21, 1998
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    Now that I have had the DVDR3000 for three weeks and have converted 25+ VHS and laserdisc to DVD I can report this unit is an excellent recorder. The recorder has 4 set recording speeds, plus flexible recording.

    XP: 1 hour
    SP: 2 hours
    LP: 4 hours
    XP: 6 hours
    FR: Flexible recording, used only with the timer and provides the highest bit rate for the time period.

    The unit improves upon the quality of the conversion, but the transfer is only as good as the source material. VHS is VHS and the recorder will improve upon the quality, but the end result will still be VHS. The audio when converted to digital will improve greatly. I recorded all the VHS in SP and FR for the best video results. The VHS recordings never looked better.

    Laserdisc is another story. Because the source material is excellent I was able to record in the LP speed and duplicate the LD in video and audio quality. 1492, Once Upon a Time it the West / America, 55 Days At Perking Fall of the Roam Empire all were converted to DVD with excellent results.

    The player has 3 video / audio composite / SVHS inputs. Two video / audio SVHS outputs and one component out. Unfortunatley, the player does not output a progressive scan signal. Since the Panasonic RP82S is my main player lack of the pro scan signal did not matter to me.

    I purchased the unit for $569.00 so Ron is correct prices for DVD recorders are coming down. As far as recording goes this unit is excellent.
  2. David Susilo

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    May 8, 1999
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    If you record using DVD-R (write once), can you write the index point before closing the disc?
  3. Eugene Hsieh

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    Jun 30, 1997
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    I believe this is a rebadged Panasonic DMR-E30, but I'm not entirely sure.
    I'm still debating getting the DMR-E30, or else the HS2 (with the hard drive).
    Unfortunately, this will bring my DVD player count to three in the same home theatre system. [​IMG]

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