DVD - which pulldown to use?

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by ChipFiev, Nov 25, 2003.

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    Which do you all think provides the better picture: using the 3:2 pulldown in your progressive scan DVD player or on the HDTV set? Here's why I ask:

    I've got a 46" Sony widescreen HDTV (KPxxxws500). This set has 2 component HD inputs and 1 DVI-HDTV input. When I got the set, I hooked up my progressive scan DVD player on one component input and my Xbox on the other and all was well.

    Then I got HDTV from Comcast. My cable box now is using one of the component inputs (since those guys haven't enabled the DVI port on my cable box yet and have no plans to do so). So, I've got three component devices and two ports. To hook everything up, I moved my DVD player to s-video (since it can't do more than 480p and the Xbox can).

    Now, to my surprise, I really can't tell any real difference. The blacks are "blacker" with component, but not by much. The picture seems just as good over s-video. My TV has a "CineMotion" 3:2 pulldown mode which appears to do the same thing as my DVD player did. Now, the only downside to my set is that I can only use the 3:2 pulldown on my TV if I don't use a component input.

    Now, here's my dilemma: I can either leave things how they are or get a component switch box. I'd really rather not get a switch box, but if I'm missing something with the picture quality it might be worth it. I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else has noticed that the TV may do just as good a job (or better) than the DVD player when playing movies.

    Ideally, I'd have my DVD player connected with component cables and just use its pulldown mode...but since I can't without spending money, I think I'll just use the "inferior" s-video connection.

    Does anyone know of any good, HDTV-capable switch boxes that don't cost $100? Or, any way to enable the DVI port on a Comcast cable box? That'd be great.

    Thanks in advance for listening to my rambling.
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    It depends on the de-interlacer in the DVD player. Most cheaper progressive DVD players have cheap de-interlacers so indeed are probably no better than that built into your HDTV set. However the high-end de-interlacers (like Faroujda and Silicon Image) in the top-rated DVD players like the old Panasonic RP82/XP30/XP50 or some Denon models have the superior de-interlacers and would be superior to that in HDTV sets. You will especially notice the improvements with video-based (not film-based pulldown) material.

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