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DVD/VCR recorders

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by rick bie, Jan 31, 2007.

  1. rick bie

    rick bie Stunt Coordinator

    Mar 15, 2002
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    Hi everyone,
    Does anyone know of a Combo DVD/VCR Recorder which can also record HD signals over the air(via bowtie antenna & coax). My TV has a HD receiverand I capture the HD channels OTA.

    Thank you,
  2. Stephen Tu

    Stephen Tu Screenwriter

    Apr 26, 1999
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    You'll have to wait a few months, some devices like the above were announced at CES. Also the key here is that for the announced DVD recorders I'm aware of, although they receive in HD, they don't actually record in HD; they have to downconvert to SD first. (Not enough space on DVD for practical HD recording lengths)

    If you want to actually record & play back in HD, you'll have to stick with DVR (hard drive recorders, which I strongly prefer over anything), D-VHS decks (requires IEEE1394 output from TV's digital tuner), or PC based solutions.
  3. Phil Iturralde

    Phil Iturralde Screenwriter

    Oct 7, 1998
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    I'm doing that, but with the following combination of units ...

    1) RJTech RJ-1000ATSC HDTV w/QAM Tuner Box
    2) Samsung DVD-VR330 DVD / VHS Combo (refurb)

    Cable Service: Comcast Limited Basic ($14 a month)
    Here's my setup connection ...

    HDTV Tuner: RJTech RJ-1000ATSC
    .... Output: S-Video @ 480i
    DVD-Recorder: Samsung DVD-VR330
    .... Input: S-Video @ 480i
    .... Output: Component @ 480p
    HDTV Display: Toshiba 62HM196
    .... Input: Component @ 480p
    .... Native Resolution: 1080p

    1) Media: Imation -RW Discs / Memorex +RW Discs (25-pack purch. over 2-yrs ago)
    Recording Speed: LP
    HDTV Shows: (HD Channels)
    .... 1) CH. 117-1 = 2007 Oscars
    .... 2) CH. 5-1 = NCIS, The UNIT, CSI-Las Vegas, Shark, etc.
    .... 3) CH. 2-1 = 24, Bones, etc.
    Picture Quality: Very good to great! Not quite near HD, but it was very clear and overall superior vs. the analog 4x3 somewhat fuzzy video signal TV broadcast (compared vs. Samsung VR330 analog tuner)
    .... a) Definitely beats VHS SP and SLP (only VHS speed choices with the Samsung VR330) recorded PQ!!!

    2) Media: Imation -RW Discs / Memorex +RW Discs (25-pack purch. over 2-yrs ago)
    Recording Speed: SP
    HDTV Shows:
    .... 1) CH. 5-1
    = Close to Home & Numb3rs; NCIS & The UNIT, etc.
    Picture Quality: Great!!! Near HD PQ @ 11' distances - very clear and vastly superior vs. the analog 4x3 video signal TV broadcast (compared vs. Samsung VR330 analog tuner)

    NOTES: Like the upconverted SD DVDs (Toshiba HD-A1), the upconverted ( RJTech & Samsung VR330 > Component 480p) HDTV video signal is up scaled very nicely by my Toshiba 62HM196. At times, my wife and friends think that we're watching live HD TV broadcast. [​IMG] [​IMG]
    .... a) Definitely beats VHS SP recorded PQ!!!

    3) Media: GQ DVD+R Discs (50-pack from Fry's)
    Recording Speed: LP or SLP speeds
    VHS Tapes:
    .... 1) My 49er's 5 Superbowl Years
    (Playoff, Championship & Superbowl - req's 15 DVDs)
    .... 2) 20 year old Family Video tapes (DVD+R Recording Speed = SP)
    Picture Quality:
    .... 1) LP speed quality = Good to Very Good!!!
    Can't complain since the DVD+R of my "1982 - 49er's vs. Cowboy" Championship is as good as the 25 year old VHS original tape!!!
    .... 2) EP (SLP - 6 hour) = Again, Good to Very Good!!! No worst vs. my "1985 - 49er's vs. Dolphins" Superbowl 22 year old VHS original tape!!! [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Overall impression: My RJTech HDTV Tuner & Samsung DVD-VR330 combination is excellent, with smooth TV > DVD/VHS or VHS > DVD recordings. The surprise is how clear and detailed my DVD (Imation -RW / Memorex +RW) recordings of HDTV 16x9 widescreen video (downcoverted to 480i) signals is, ... using the SP recording speed during playback - it's like watching live!!!


    1) RJTech RJ-1000ATSC HDTV Tuner* (NEW - received 1-31-07):

    .... a) Remote control response slow
    ........ 1. Changing channels using # key's
    ........ 2. Selecting items in the Setup Menu
    .... b) Remote line-of-sight transmission very narrow - requires pointing directly @ the unit
    ........ 1. Manual states bright environment can effect remote response

    2) Samsung DVD-VR330 (ReFurb - received 2-13-07):
    .... a) When the unit locks-up - requires unplugging the device to clear the lockup!
    ........ 1. Lock-ups caused by initializing or formatting previously used Memorex +RW discs
    ........ 2. Brand-new, unused Memorex +RW discs did initialize after the unit accepted it
    .... b) Remote does not have a "Reset Counter" button

    1) No heat issues
    - I've left it on for 7-days while I was @ Australia to record my favorite HDTV 16x9 widescreen shows on tape (didn't have the Samsung VR330 yet)

    IMHO: For $178 ($79 +SH = RJTech RJ-1000ATSC HDTV w/QAM Tuner Box; Refurb Samsung VR330 for $79 w/FREE SH), I'm extremely satisfied with this combination. It fulfills my expectation of clear recorded HDTV 16x9 widescreen recordings of our favorite shows (NCIS, The Unit, CSI-Las Vegas, Numb3rs, etc.) , especially @ the SP recorded speeds!

    Also, archiving / digitizing my 12 - 25 year old VHS family & 49er's Superbowl analog tapes is a one-button easy affair - just choose which DVD+R recording speed I want and then press the "RED" button! [​IMG]

  4. Bill Will

    Bill Will Screenwriter

    Dec 26, 2001
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    Phil, The "Cancel" Button on your Samsung VR330 Remote Control should also Reset the Counter to 00:00:00 if that's what you were looking for.
  5. Phil Iturralde

    Phil Iturralde Screenwriter

    Oct 7, 1998
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    Thanks Bill!!! [​IMG] I'll try it out tonight!


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