DVD Titles on Amazon.co.uk Cheaper than on Amazon US

Discussion in 'TV on DVD and Blu-ray' started by ElizM, Mar 27, 2010.

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    I thought most British BDs were region-free? In any event both my Life on Mars (UK version) BD and Wallander series BD play fine on my Blu-ray player (LG-390).
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    Many, but not all. Also, I don't know about Wallander, but the upscaled Life on Mars BD was encoded at 24fps, not 50 or 60hz, so it would have worldwide compatibility (and, according to some British fans who've seen both side by side, making it inferior to just watching the DVD version upscaled in-the-player).


    50hz discs are mainly TV shows, but some British video companies (like Entertainment in Video) even take feature films and needlessly convert them to 50hz rather than leaving them at 24fps or 60hz (which, as I said, all British hardware is compatible with in the first place).


    A cheap 50hz title to check compatibility with is the UK release of Wallace and Gromit: Matter of Loaf and Death. I wanted the disc anyway, so purchased it to take with my BR player to the store to test out the TVs.

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