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DVD /SVCD Photo view

Discussion in 'Computers' started by Anton, Nov 30, 2003.

  1. Anton

    Anton Auditioning

    Oct 19, 2003
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    Hi, I hope you can help with some HD-TV Resolution questions.

    I want to burn high resolution (Photos) and view them on my HD-TV at 1080i or 1280x 1024, how can i achieve this?

    Why are DVD players limited to 704 x 480 NTSC output?
    Is this a hardware or software limitation?

    I recorded JPEG into (S)VCD and noticed when viewing pictures on HDTV and pushing "Progressive Scan" button of DVD player, the pictures became clearer/sharper. What is happening here? Is it double the resolution?

    Please Advise,

    Note from Photo VCD software maker:
    "The resolution is limited to VCD 352x240 (NTSC), 352x288 (PAL) or SVCD 480x480 (NTSC), 480x576 (PA)L which may appear grainy or low resolution compared to the original pictures. Another way is to author a photo VCD 2.0 disc encoding each picture as a still MPEG at 704x480 (NTSC), 704x576 (PAL). This allows better resolution but (probably) lacks transition effects. The resulting collection of still MPEG images can be authored with a program that automates the whole process from images to disc."

  2. Ken Chan

    Ken Chan Producer

    Apr 11, 1999
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    The NTSC limit is 720x480. This is both a hardware and software limit, as defined by different aspects of the DVD spec. As to why -- they had to pick something [​IMG] HD was still a ways off; NTSC is about 480 lines, and 720 is better than all other standard def formats.

    Using progressive scan (you don't mention where the button you pushed was) would certainly make the picture look clearer, because it is no longer interlaced. That might also give the player and/or TV more to work with to make the picture look even better through interpolation.

    There is no available standard format for high-def photos on disc. No format to store them, and no players to play them. The most practical thing might be to use a low-end PC, store the photos on the drive (which could be an optical disc), and use screen saver or slideshow software. Which I guess is basically what the Roku is.


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