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    Hi Guys Help me out...

    I have an Optoma EZPRO 615H LCD Projector, that is giving a very good picture, but I think it could be better I THINK?

    It has no Component video hook up just RGB and S-Video, So I was thinking of importing a multi-region DVD player from UK since most of their players have RGB-out. Now while I'm at it, I might just order a progressive scan one.

    Will all this make a big differece? and I know this may sound stupid but does your projector need to be some what compatible to recieve Progressive scan?

    And all this may cost around 300.00 bucks So do you think its worth it?
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    If the incoming signal is progressive scan, the Projector has to be capable of accepting it.
    RGB comes in many scan rates (speeds) including 480i NTSC and 480p progressive scan NTSC.
    RGB also comes in three signal configurations, RGBHV (5 cables with separate horizontal and vertical sync.), RGBS (4 cables) and RGsB (3 cables with sync. on green).
    Computer regular VGA (640 x 480 x 60 Hz) is identical to 480p RGBHV. I am not sure whether you can simply short together the G, H, and V lines to convert RGBHV to RGsB. A few TV sets accept the latter via their component jacks when you manually select RGB using their on screen menu.
    On an RGBHV cable sometimes the H and V cables are incorrectly color coded, they are usually gray and black. So you may have to try exchanging them if you don't get a picture.
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