DVD Recorder suggestions? Nice Menus?

Ross Williams

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Feb 9, 1999
I've been having some bad luck with my jump into DVD recorders. I bought a Phillips recorder at Wal Mart, which worked just fine for my needs, but after a month of use, it had frozen up a couple of times in various states of use... so I decided to return it tonight, before it was to late. I planned on getting the same recorder, but our Wal Mart had already stopped carrying it. Instead I bought an RCA recorder, I barely had it out of the box before it started acting up. We were just playing a DVD before we went to bed and it suddenly stopped and jumped back to the beginning, after testing it on another DVD to have the same thing happen, I'm taking it back tomorrow. I don't think I want to get another one.

I'm looking for a recorder in about the $150-200 range. It has to have a DV input on the front. I'd like it to have some sort of menu design capabilities... at least be able to choose a still for the menu.

Does anybody have any suggestions? Or know of a website where I can check out stills of various DVD recorder menus?



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Jun 14, 2006
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I've had Sony's first DVD-recorder (RDR-GX7) for about 3 years now and have had no trouble with it at all.

The build-quality of mine is great (although I'm sure the newer Sonys are more light-weight) but I've seen some now that can record on dual-layer DVD+Rs for under $200. Mine has a DV input on the front- but you'll have to check to see if the newer models have it as well. The menus that my Sony creates are rudimentary (but attractive), again, you may want to check the Sony site to see if that's still the case with their newest DVD recorders.

I've heard that many of RCA's DVD players are problematic, so it probably goes for their recorders as well. I'm actually borrowing an RCA DVD player from my sister right now (as a secondary player) and it's definitely a lot more finicky about playing certain discs than my Sony recorder.


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Apr 5, 2002
Check around and see if you can find one of these Pioneer DVR 220-S recorders Ross. After much searching and comparing last October,I found a new one online for about $189.00 shipped. It works great,hasn't given me a lick of problems and had good reviews. They're probably even cheaper to buy now, and harder to find.

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