dvd-r and cable box in parallel?

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    I'm trying to connect my dvd-r to charter cable in parallel to my charter cable box. I just want to record some events off of basic cable service while my wife can watch what she wants.

    I suspect charter cable is pinging this line and picking up 2 devices, because after about 5 minutes with this setup my tv went blank, but the dvd-r picture was still on. I disconnected the dvd-r, and my tv picture came back.

    Is there like a one-way pass filter I can put inline with my dvd-r, hopefully to make charter believe it's looking at one device?

    Currently I have the the dvd-r in lne with the cable box, with a splitter and a/b switch I can watch basic while recording from the cable box, which is the opposite of what I want.

    am I missing something simple?
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    Do not use Y-connectors ever. Most likely the three devices will interfere with one another even if one is turned off.

    You may be able to use splitters. Get the 2 GHz variety, don't just use an old one you used years ago, since your service may now be using much higher frequencies for some channels. You may need booster amplifiers when you use splitters. If the cable is connected to a booster amp first you may only need one of those.

    Connecting in series (daisy chained) instead of in parallel (branching) should always work although yoj might not be able to record one thing and watch another thing.

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