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Dvd Playing With Nvdvd Ia Am Going Blind Due To Reading And Still Very Confused (1 Viewer)

Alex Dominguez

Jul 21, 2005
I need some help from one of you experts, i am trying to find out which is the best way to watch dvd on my htpc. I have a dell xps gen 4 3.6 ghz, on windows xp, nvidia 7800 gtx video card, 1gb ram. i have been using the nvdvd and purevideo codecs, (or something like that) but i am reading a lot about ffdshow or something like that, i am still confused. Should you use nvdvd, nvidias purevideo decoder and ffdshow, or is it one or the other? The only way i have been able to get the purevideo nvidia decoder running is when i use windows media player 10, how do you get it to work with another player? I need to know if the dvd player (the hardware) influences on the video quality or is it only the video card? My tv is a panasonic projector AE700 1080i 720p up to 120 inches wide screen. Also for tv watching, i use an Avertmedia tv tunner card, Is there any way i can send the tv image to a decoder or something to get a better video? Can i view tv through another software other than the avertmedia software? My 7800 video card has an svideo input, if i get my cable signal through it, waht software would i use to watch tv, and would nvidia software process the image? What do you think about the x-fi soundcard coming out? Thank you very much for all your help, even if you are not sure about what i am asking, please send me some feedback, i am loosing it!

Max Leung

Senior HTF Member
Sep 6, 2000
Another player you can try is ZoomPlayer: http://www.inmatrix.com/files/zoomplayer_download.shtml

It should recognize the NVIDIA purevideo codecs. It is shareware.

You'll have to experiment with using FFDShow - on my system I find FFDShow not necessary with my DLP projector. Also, don't forget that if you enable FFDShow, you will lose the PureVideo features (no Smart deinterlacing, no hardware acceleration, for example).

As for your other questions - I don't know anything about TV capture cards or the new Creative soundcard. :)

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