Dvd Players With 5 Channel Analog Outs

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    Greetings from a aging newbie.

    Years ago I owned an ealy Onkyo multi-channel multi room receiver. It was so new that it didn't even have a powered center channel. (one little radio shack amp solved that problem). Anyway I upgraded to the RX 600 and have been out shopping for a DVD player. Inotice that several more expensive models have 5 analog outs plus coaxial and/or optical for dobly digital signals.

    What gives with this. Are both better digital only? any reason to pay more for these units.

    Thanks so much
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    Hello Pat,
    Welcome to your new 'home away from home'.
    The analog outs you refer to are 5.1 channels related to the front R-L, surround R-L, center and subwoofer. Some DVD models have these simply because they provide the decoding internally...your receiver would not have to decode anything (and some older ones cannot and are called 5.1 ready)...simply pass the signal through on the 5.1 inputs. Other DVD models offer Sound advancements like DVD-A and SACD along with decoding.
    These are the pricier models generally though not exclusively. You must have the Optical/Coaxial connection to take advantage of DD/DTS...elsewise everything is Stereo.
    IMO it makes sense to purchase as much technology as you can afford. If a particular unit offers an enhancement such as DVD-A for a little more money and is comparable in other important respects (quality, reviews and features, brand service history, etc.), why not get it?[​IMG]
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    Just to clarify a bit,
    If you have a new home theater receiver, a DVD player with the built-in decoder (and the six analog "5.1 channel" outputs) is not necessary. Just get one with optial and coax digital outs, and you'll be fine.

    You don't need the one that has the six RCA outputs that says "5.1 channel output" unless you have one of those older "5.1 ready" recievers Paul mentioned. These DVD players are still being made because when DVDs were introduced, Dolby Digital decoders were very expensive, and most home receivers did not have them built-in. Four years ago, you'd go to buy a reciever and you'd be shown one that was "5.1 channel ready," with the idea that someday down the road, you'd buy a DVD player that had a DD decoder built in, and hook the two together via six analog RCA cables. Today, DD and dts decoding is built into even the cheapest receivers, so buying a DVD player with this option basically gives you two DD decoders when you need only one.

    If you are looking at a DVD player to do one of the new multi-channel CD formats, DVD-audio or SACD, you'll be getting these outputs on your DVD player anyway, for a different but similar reason I won't go into. But if all you're looking for is a movie-watching DVD player, these outputs aren't necessary provided your reciever says "Dolby Digital" and "dts" on the front. Hope this helps!

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