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DVD Players--Any with these Specs???? (1 Viewer)

Mark Zimmer

Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 1997
I need a new review player, so it has to be reliable, able to handle extensive use, and have the following characteristics (1-9 are musts):

1. good picture and sound, with DTS capabilities (doesn't need DD or DTS decoders built in),

2. Ability to resume at same spot after shut down and/or after going to the main menu

3. Time elapsed (total and each chapter) and total time for the title (I can add total time elapsed & time remaining, so that would count as satisfying this requirement).

4. Easy ability to go to particular chapters

5. Good audio switching on the fly

6. Indicator for the type of audio (DD 5.1, 2.0, PCM, etc.) being played, either as onscreen display or on the player itself (less preferable)

7. Bit rate meters for video

8. Component video outs

9. Optical audio out

10. Not absolutely necessary but welcome is a layer indicator

11. My CD changer is on its last legs, so good Redbook CD sound would be nice to have as well. Doesn't need to be a changer, SACD or DVD-A though.

12. Progressive scan would be a plus, though my TV does 3:2 pulldown so it's not absolutely necessary.

Does anything fit these criteria? I really loved the Sony S360 but am somewhat leery of another Sony given their nonresponsiveness on the "No Disc C:13" error that killed mine.

george king

Supporting Actor
May 29, 1999
I just picked up the new JVC 500 series player this weekend ($179 at BB). From what I can tell, it has all of the features you want. Hope this helps.
Aug 12, 1999

Have you played with any of the Toshiba players? For example, the 4700 has gotten good reviews.

My 2-year old Toshiba 2108 seems to have the first 9 covered, and I would hope that the recent models have better CD sound (#11) and are progressive (#12). The only one that I've never seen is a layer indicator (#10). I haven't shopped for a player since then, so it is possible that Toshiba began to cut corners, and some of these features are no longer included.

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