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    I have a philips dvd855at player. It is about two to three years old. Occassionally, I put a disc in and it won't load. It tells me "please check disc". I will then get another copy of the same movie and get the same message. Most disc play fine, however, some just won't. It is usually a new release that has this problem, however, even most of them play fine. Any suggestions?
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    Check with the to see if there is a firmware updgrade. Sometimes there is information on specific models atwww.audioreview.com and you can read what others have done. I gave my brother my Marantz 930 which is about the same vintage and still under its 3-year warranty and gave him the co. to contact. It might be the same same for your machine since the Marantz is built on a Philips platform - It is 'Service Wide Technologies' in Downers Grove, IL, (630) 969-7333. If it is not in warranty there likely will be a charge wherever you send it and then you need to make an evaluation about whether it is worth while.

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