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    Opinions please. I am expanding into home theater. I am interested in decoding DD and DTS movie tracks and not really much else. Does it make more sense to buy a DVD player with built in decoding like the Pioneer DV-38 or Panasonic RP 91 and routing the analogue signals through a 6-channel analogue preamp like the Sony P9000 or take the digital signal from the DVD player and buy a receiver to use as a processor preamp for movies? I have now a Sony N700 DVD player and like the picture on my new Sony 61HS30 (I love this TV). I would have to buy rear amplification and if I bought a receiver I would use two channels for my rear speakers. I am trying to keep my budget to around $1000to $1200 plus proceeds if I sold the Sony player. I also have a Sony XA777ES multi channel SACD player but the multi channel music isn't as important to me as getting the movie sound the best I can. Thanks for your help. I'm new here, but very experienced audiophile.
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    It's generally better to have the DTS and Dolby Digital multichannel decoding in the receiver. The receiver usually has more flexible bass management on the multichannel signals. Though external decoders and built in ones can and will sound fine also (that's what I use).

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