dvd player/one coax tv/stereo receiver --is this workable?

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    warning! this post is from a "audiophile" novice--please forgive my ignorance! so here's the prob--

    just got a sampo dve-611 dvd player-

    *10-bit Video D/A Converter for sharp video playback
    *24-bit Audio D/A Converter for crisp audio playback
    *Component Video Output (Y/Cb/Cr) for superior video playback
    *coaxial digital outputs for high performance audio playback,
    *Dolby Digital® and DTS® audio format compatibility
    *standard S-Video and composite video outputs for compatibility with nearly all televisions--

    when i went to hook it up to my one coax tv (philips magnavox PR1911B) via my old rf modulator (radio shack)setup--i got great video--and no audio. the dvd player that i had originally hooked up in this setup was an apex 1100w--and there was no prob using the rf modulator with it--plain old RCA inputs and all. i also tried to use my funai emerson 4head EWV601A vcr as the go between for the sampo--but there was no video or audio that way.

    i also tried to hookup the sampo with my other TV I have (a Toshiba cf19e22)—and its vcr (a Philips Magnavox vrz263at). The Toshiba TV has a video/audio input on the back as well as the coaxial input—but I tried these with the sampo DVD player—and nothing at all happened! same with using the inputs on the philips magnavox vcr--no video or audio.

    but I figured out a band-aid for my DVD player/no sound situation—I plugged the audio outputs from the DVD player to my OLD ancient stereo receiver. The only prob now is—I gotta turn the volume on the stereo all the way up—which can become blaringly loud for a split second every time I fast-forward or rewind the DVD when it’s playing. I figure if I mute the sound before I do anything like that I can avoid scaring the neighbors. Thing is, I don’t know if this is a permanent solution—or if I should look into other options. I got another receiver (a JVC RX 206 AM/FM Digital Synthesizer stereo receiver) off of eBay which should be an improvement over whatever the receiver my present stereo has (it’s part of a stereo system (radio tuner, cd player, tape player) by GE—that’s right—General Electric) so the “stereo” must be from 1988 at the latest. That’s old! The JVC receiver is probably from around 1993—1996. (I'm totally guessing) i know i should get an a/v receiver--but i still feel too cheap to get that.

    So—again—any advice would be most welcome!! I don’t want hi-tech stuff—I live in an apartment—and shouldn’t be experiencing “theater-quality” sound (otherwise known as: LOUD). I just want to watch my DVDs without a constant underlying buzzing sound--or no sound at all!
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    First off no DVD Player will play through a VCR at least not correctly the reason being is because of a great thing called macrovision that is embedded into the video which causes major distortions in the video signal when being played through a VCR making it impossible to record it. You're going to have to use the RF modulater to get it to work right or get a newer tv that has the appropriate inputs. As far as the audio it sounds as if maybe there is a either a problem with the players outputs or there is an option that needs to be changed somewhere within the setup menu's of the player.

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