DVD player help, suggestions, might need a new one

Discussion in 'Beginners, General Questions' started by Josh Steinberg, Aug 10, 2006.

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    (I'm not sure if I'm posting this in the right place, forgive me if I'm not.)

    I've had a Sony DVP-S330 DVD player since 1999, and it's finally beginning to show signs of age. Discs have occasionally been skipping that didn't skip before and don't skip in other players. Yesterday it stopped playing burned DVD-Rs -- now, whenever I put one in, it just says C:13:00 and freezes. I've double checked these discs in a couple other players, and they work fine there - and they used to play fine on my player.

    So I'm thinking this might finally be it. Has anyone else had similar problems that were able to be remedied? If so, how? Sad as I am to part with my trusty player, seven years is a good run!

    If I buy a new player, I want to get something that's a little bit of an upgrade. I still don't have a widescreen or hi-def TV, so right now I'm not concerned with getting a super duper player since I don't have the TV to make it shine. What I would like is a player that will play factory pressed DVDs and burned DVDs. I'd love one that could play PAL discs too (as long as I'm getting a new one, why not?), which means I'd also like a player that was immune to region coding. And I don't want to spend a fortune on it - it doesn't have to be the greatest player in the world. It just has to be reliable. Any suggestions? It's been a while since I kept up with all the new models and such, and I've generally always gotten good feedback from fellow HTFers.
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    Pretty much all DVD players are compatable with DVD -/+ R and RW discs these days. Most even play Video CD's. If you don't have a widescreen wait until the HD DVD players are affordable, until then I wouldn't spend more than $69.00 on a DVD player right now.. Unless you are going to plunge into HD DVD or Blue Ray DVD. We'll all be buying new dvd players in the next couple years anyways.... FEB 17th 2009 isn't too far away... HD will become the norm rather than the "Videophile" for everyone. Just a suggetion for now.

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