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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Chris Will, Sep 21, 2003.

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    Chris WIlliams
    I have a Sony DVD player that is starting to have problems. I've sent it in once to be fixed a few months ago and now another problem has come up. Sony will only repair it they refuse to replace it. I don't want to keep sending this thing in every two months for repair, I want a new player. Does any one have any suggestions. I paid alot of money for this player and all I can do is keep sending it to Sony to be fixed. Is there any person I can talk to that might be willing to help me out. Since I bought sony does that mean that I'm screwed. I will never buy sony again. So what is it has great picture quality if it stops working within a year and all you can do is keep sending it to sony to be fixed. I'm stuck with a defective product and I wish I could sue Sony. Anyone thinking about buying Sony out there listen up: DO NOT BUY A SONY PRODUCT. It might work for awhile but when it stops working you are stuck with it and a shipping bill that grows b/c Sony makes you pay for shipping when having it fixed. SONY SUCKS and doesn't care about the consumer.
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    If I never bought from any company that someone said not to buy from - I would never buy anything. I just said the same thijng about Panasonic on another forum a few weeks ago. To make a long story short, my dvd player (rp-82) goes up in less then a year. They want $90 to send me a refurbished replacement. Reluctantly I agree because the rp82 is a good player and they are discontinued. The replacement I get is the s-55, a lesser player. They won't take it back.

    These big companies just don't want to do right for the customer. As long as they get your money.

    Stefan Antwarg
  3. Jack Briggs

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    It might help, Chris, if you stated specifically what problems you have experienced with the player, in addition to stating which model you have. Your post reads as if you're working toward the big build-up of being able to say "Sony sucks."

    Are you even feeding the player clean, scratch-free discs? Are you taking care of the player?

    I have had nothing but good experiences with Sony equipment.
  4. Robert Franklin

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    I agree with Jack. Please specify what model you have. I have the much acclaimed 7000, and a changer 650D. Both units are still functioning fine over the years. I bought the 7000 when dvd first came to the market in '97. I haven't had any problems with this player at all!! The changer gave me a problem when it changed disks for a while, but that hasn't happened for some time.

    Anyway, I believe that all of us at some point has come across a problem with certain companies. My biggest gripe is with Onkyo. I came across the same problem when my top of the line receiver went up. Onkyo admitted to me that they still had 15 of the same unit that I had, but didn't want to give me another one until I took it to get fixed, and only if it couldn't would they send me another unit. And the service shop didn't want to fix it either. I made a call to the service manager in NJ, and he made the service shop fix the machine. It still took 2 months to resolve that situation.

    I think that your best bet would be if you had some sort of protection with your credit card, or if you bought it from a dealer that you have an on going relationship with. It may sound funny, but sometimes they may bend the rules very slightly if you are a excellent customer of theirs.

    Well, I hope that leads you in the right direction.

    Good luck!

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