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    What I was wondering about what I should get in a DVD player. I originally intended to use my DVD player for both DVD's and CD's. However, for listening to music I really want a carousel/changer and mostly I see recommendations for single-tray dvd players.

    I have read good things about the Panasonic DVD-RP56 and that it can be had for as little as $250. This has made me consider getting an inexpensive DVD player with a seperate CD carousel/changer. I'd like to keep my entire expenditure on both the DVD player and the CD player at or around $600.

    I require that the DVD player be progressive scan (this will be connecting to an HDTV). Also, I'd like it to be as bug free as possible, i.e. no "chrome bug" or other problems that anyone knows about. Sure, I'd like DVD-A or SACD playback but I don't know if that will be possible with my budget?

    So, I'd like to know if anyone has any advice on good multi-disk DVD players to purchase, or any suggestions on a multi-disk CD player that I could couple with an inexpensive DVD player (like the RP56 or other).

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    i have the RP56, and have not experienced any "bugs", except for skipping on the occaisonal Blockbuster rental.

    There are a lot of really good CD carousels at the $300 mark:

    Denon DCM-370

    Sony CDP-CA70ES

    Cambridge Audio D-300SE

    which i have been told sound worlds better than the RP56 for CD playback.

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