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    Something rather odd. I still have my first DVD Player a Toshiba SD-2107, second generation player. About 6 months ago I gave it to my father for use in his room. In that 6 months, our garage door opener has been acting crazy. Remote not working, garage opening by itself, closing by itself and we had no idea why. We have had multiple garage door technicians over to find the cause of the problem and none of them had a clue. This week we had one more guy come over who had some kind of sensor and he did a sweep of the whole house. He found that the cause of the problem was in my father's bedroom. We tried many things, but the thing that got our garage working properly again, was unplugging the DVD player. As if it were causing some kind of interference. Now when he wants to watch a DVD he plugs it in, otherwise, he has to leave it unplugged. Has anyone else ever experienced this kind of problem? Is this weird or what?
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    Pretty odd. I guess the player (or the remote?) is somehow sporadically(?) emitting an RF signal that's doing this to the garage door opener. I assume the opener uses an RF remote.


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