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Discussion in 'DVD' started by Charles_Y, Aug 25, 2004.

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    I. For those of you who buy from DVD Planet regularly, have you noticed that they have eliminated the "red" (out of stock) and "yellow" (low stock) stock status indicators recently?

    This seems to be another poor move on their part in my opinion. Having up to date stock information on titles is vital to me in making purchasing decisions. I shouldn't have find out after the fact that a week or more may elapse before a title is replenished before shipment when I could have gotten it elsewhere immediately. I can easily wait the 10 day or so time that comes with the new USPS Media Rate, but an additional wait that could be avoided is for me a no-brainer. I have stayed with DVD Planet for so long because of their prices and selection.

    I emailed Customer Service as I have a few times in the past and as expected got no response. Clearly, positive Customer Relations is not paramount to them.

    II. Last year, I thought of a real good update to their "Coming Soon Title" search and display utility - of real help to "heavy hitters" (buyers). Why not allow the user the ability to selectively restrict the search to a specific time frame (i.e. 8/1/2004 to 9/1/2004) or display all new titles since the user "last logged on." There are a few possibilities here. In any case they didn't bite.

    I just know that this would cut down considerably on the time it takes to root through ALL their frigging new titles on the horizon.

    I think discussions regarding on-line DVD outlets is something that bears closer examination in this forum. I could not find any threads on repeated searches. Maybe, I missed them somewhere. If not, I hope I get some interest here.
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    Try this thread on the problems of DVD Planet found in the Retail & Wholesale Vendors feedback Forum
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    That's why I switched 99.9% of my online purchases to DVD Empire from them a long time ago.

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