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DVD Packaging Woes! (1 Viewer)

John H Ross

Oct 16, 2000
Ok, firstly let me say that the movie is paramount. Picture and sound quality exceed all other requirements...


Am I the only one TOTALLY depressed about the state of DVD packaging? I'm referring to Amaray cases and the like. I opened a box up from Amazon on Saturday. It contained the Jack Ryan boxed set, K19 The Widowmaker, Cube (Signature Series) and Rio Lobo. They all looked in great, dandy condition.

Until I took off the shrinkwrap!

After spending 15 minutes(!) carefully removing the security stickers, etc, I put the discs on my DVD rack. After just 6 hours ALL of the front covers had rippled at the top and/or bottom, and the back covers had (invariably) creased slightly down the middle. Only Cube escaped with any dignity.

After 24 hours of ownership they looked like crap! In fact they looked like I'd spilt water all over them! My room is kept at a regular, warm-ish temperature and it's not damp at all, so what's the excuse?

Does anybody else suffer like this? Is there anything I can do about it?


PS The Cube Signature Series edition is magnificent!


Nov 30, 2001
I have some where the clear plastic on the cases wrinkle while I'm removing the shrink wrap. I also have some DVD paper covers that have lost some of the picture due to them being put in slightly wrong and have the security stickers stuck on them. That really aggrevates me when I take off the security stickers and lose some of the picture.

David Von Pein

Senior HTF Member
Feb 4, 2002
After just 6 hours ALL of the front covers had rippled...
I'd be willing to bet dollars to doughnuts that your new purchases were, as is almost always the case, wrinkled like hell immediately....and not just after this 6 to 24-hour period of sitting on the shelf.

I HATE THE WRINKLED LOOK, too!! This invariably occurs due to the combination of the God-forsaken multiplicity of security stickers utilized on each DVD product, and the shrinkwrapping process. If the stickers aren't placed just perfectly on the case, so as not to cause rippling of the plastic, then we're forced to endure the hideous result after the shrinkwrapping process sucks out all the air to ensure a tight wrap: an ugly wrinkled case. :frowning:

Which is why it's imperitive for we anal-ites (re. DVD packaging) to keep a minimum of 25 extra empty DVD cases on hand at all given times (of the wrinkle-free variety, naturally :)).

They are now back in stock (thank the Maker) at www.inetdvd.com.

Of course, there are even problems with the brand-new empty cases you can buy. I've had many of these arrive with wrinkles too. Only difference being: the hideous ripples are located in different places, and not as a result of shrinkwrapping of course. And many (if not most) new cases arrive with these ugly "mystery marks" all over the front & back. Kind of a hazy look to it. Not really scratches, but some form of disfigurement of the plastic inlay that makes it not perfectly clean & clear. (Anybody else ever notice this on new cases? Very annoying.)

Ahhh....the life of a DVD anal-ite. :frowning:

But...help is on its way! I can see the white-coated men outside now!


Ricardo C

Senior HTF Member
Feb 14, 2002
Real Name
Ricardo C
Most of my collection is comprised of R4 NTSC discs (usually manufactured in Brazil, though some are made in America), and have NEVER experienced any damage to the packaging. I guess the security sticker debacle is much worse than I though over there.

Dan Rudolph

Senior HTF Member
Dec 30, 2002
My problem isn't so much wrinkling as tearing. Often, the cover will be sticking out from under the plastic. The security sticker is stuck to it. Thus, when I remove the sticker, I rip the cover. This seems to mostly happen with Fox discs.


Senior HTF Member
Jun 30, 2002
Next thing you know, the whole outside of the case will be one giant security sticker! :angry:

I can't stand removing all of these stickers and having my case look like total crap when I am done.

Ian Currie

Stunt Coordinator
Oct 1, 2002
Has anyone ever tried ironing out the wrinkles? Obviously the iron can't be too hot or it'll melt the plastic, but I'm wondering if it can be done at the right temperature...


Senior HTF Member
Jan 27, 2003
John, are you 100% positive they were perfect when you first opened the box?

The reason I ask (and this is a wild theory) is you mention you got a bunch of stuff from Amazon. I usually buy my DVD's all at once from Amazon and get a large shipment every month. I notice they shrink wrap all of the DVD's together in the box to keep it from shifting around during shipping.

I wonder if this shrink wrap compresses the cases and when you open the box (i.e. remove the tight shrink wrap) and let the cases "Breath", maybe that's why they start to wrinkle?

Just a thought.

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