DVD Packaging - Suggestion

William Waits

Stunt Coordinator
Apr 25, 2002
OK studios... What gives? Why is it that on some DVD movies, you make the info of the picutre that inlcudes stars, directors, producers, scores, etc... in such a way that no one can read it? Aren't you proud of your product, and want everyone to know who had a hand in it?

Sometimes, the print is unreadable, because the kerning of the letters is so tight that letters just merge into one another, or the lettering is ssoooo small that you can't read it. A good example is "Boys And Girls".

Othertimes, you have pictures and other artwork interfering with the verbage, and you can't make it out. "40 Days And 40 Nights" comes to mind.

Then there are times where there is multiple of the above applied.

C'mon guys. Put the info in an artwork-free zone, and make the font large enough and the font and kerning so that it is legible on the print of the DVD inserts....

Is that asking too much?

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