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DVD Milestone: Good Burger is released (1 Viewer)

Nathan McMahan

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May 11, 1999
I fondly remember Nov. 1998. My first DVD player for 300.00, but I got Dark City and The Cowboys with it. Warner Brothers had their buy 4 get one free deal. Godzilla, Zero Effect, Mimic, Mask Of Zorro, Spinal Tap, The Thing and The Special Edition of Tomorrow Never Dies came to me in crystal clarity with instant random access and there was no rewinding. I discovered Home Theater Forum and Reel.com buy.com and BigStar offered us insane (and I mean insane) coupons for discs. Back then the bargains and coupons forum outsized the software forum almost 2 to 1 (God Bless you Parker Clack) We all awaited Buckaroo Banzai and Lucas bashing was a thing far far away. But in those dark fetal times two DVD urban legends began. The first would become the infamous Final Countdown debacle. The second was the Cleveland of DVD releases: The Good Burger SE.
Okay. It's here. Hell must have froze over. Thank God we have George Lucas and the Remo Williams travesty (and the ongoing unveiling of subsequent Army of Darkness and T2 releases).
But seriously, what's going to be the new whipping boy?
Prince's Graffiti Bridge hasn't been released yet.

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