DVD Media Storage question .... (vendor specific) ?

Discussion in 'DVD' started by WillKTaylor, Nov 26, 2003.

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    First of all .. sorry to have posted this with the "software" section on htforum. 'HT Construction & Interior' would probably be more appropriate, however that section seems geared more towards DYI and environmental topics; not completely associated with my question. So, admin, feel free to move this post or lock it for whatever reason.

    Anyway, I'm interested in obtaining better, and longer term storage solution for my DVD collection. I realize this topic has been overused, but I'm interested in specific information about the products the following site has to offer:


    Anyone have any experience with these guys?

    My critria on a final selection in media storage is based on the following priorities: security/capacity/aesthetics.

    DVDcabinet.com MC3D design will hold 360 DVDs, and is expandable with its modular units. I'm at 280 and won't hit full capacity of this unit until 3rd qtr of next year. It looks solid and is able to be locked up. Weighing as much as it does, it would definately be a tough sucker to move anywhere. So, security is covered. The biggest drawback is that aesthetically, it looks like .. well, looks like it's going to make my living room like an office. Blah .. but, then again, it is the least important value that I am trying to obtain.

    In any event, the following questions come to mind:

    I didn't find anything on the site specifically mentioning what the cabinet is made of. Anyone know before I contact the maker directly?

    What equipment have you placed on top of the cabinets and have you had any problems? I'm interested to find out if the Mica tops are necessary. I am considering placing a 120lb TV on it, so ...

    How is the site as far as customer service and support .. in the event that something needs to be returned or serviced? The products they offer are fairly expensive and I just want to make sure that I have a comfortable mindset going in before truly committing.

    Any other problems come up related to design/usability/functionability .. so on?

    Thanks in advance to anyone's contribution.

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    Those are Can-Am shelves. Made by www.can-am.ca

    Very good high quality units. They should last you a long long long time. Not cheap in cost and not cheap in construction. Again - well made.

    I hear customer service is top notch- although I had never had to use them since their quality control made sure that everything was fine.

    As for stresses and weight - I can't help you with that either. The heaviest thing on top of mine is a wooden bowl - but man the thickness of the steel they use should easily support what you want to place on top. They claim 300 lbs. but I am sure you could go up to 400lbs.

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