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    I am close to finishing my remodeling which includes HT.

    Equipment [so far]

    Sony 38XBR450

    Onkyo 989

    Cambrige Soundworks MC300

    Yoshiba Progressive Scan DVD

    This is being installed in a wall with only the TV and speakers showing--Hot Spot allows hidden components. All in progress.

    NOW: I'm sequential SOB so I have the TV hooked up to cable and using VCR [waiting on new TiVo's] but have not even tried the DVD. I don't have any DVD's. I got on the web tonight to look at some; Very bewildering!!! Looks like I'll like the prices at Half.com but questions arise. They have [what looks like] the same DVD's but different editions at a couple of $'s difference. I want wide screen when possible{and probably won't buy anything else]; what have yawl learned about how to spot the best issues[are they different?]. Any generalities greatly appreciated.

    I have given heads-up to a collection of friends for an "AVIA party"! When things are totally hooked up and decorated, we'll smoke meat, drink to our mutual healths, and do the AVIA-sound meter bit.

    We'll need beginning DVD's. For me, probabably

    Outlaw Josey Wales


    The Patriot
  2. Mark Larson

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    Mar 3, 2002
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    Try www.overstock.com for The Patriot - they have it for $ 10 and free shipping.
  3. John Sully

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    The best way to tell which version of a disc to get is to check the disc details. Generally you would want to get the one with Dolby Digital 5.1 sound and widescreen. If one has DTS, that's a big plus as DTS, in my experience, tends to have a smoother high end than Dolby Digital.

    Of the two discs you are thinking of the Patriot almost certainly has a better sound track, although The Oulaw Josey Wales is a way better movie. However the age of the film almost certainly means that the audio will not be as good.

    You might do well to get some really bass heavy stuff such as "T2, The Ultimate Edition", "U571", "Fight Club". For great surround sound design I would suggest "Saving Private Ryan" which has the saving grace of being a really excellent movie. I also liked "The Thin Red Line", but many people have big problems with the movie itself (I happen to think it is a great movie...).

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