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    I have 2 questions:
    1-We occasionally want to let our kids watch a DVD without turning on the HT system. Can I have an analog audio connection from the DVD to the TV and also have the DVD audio connected to the HT system with an optical cable (the DVD is connected directly to the TV by component cables)?

    2-I have a Kenwood VR6070 which seems to be a great system, but I am having trouble with the remote. It works my Scientific Atlanta cable box and my Toshiba DVD player, but I cannot program it for my Hitachi big screen TV or my RCA VCR. It does not accept the codes for those and Kenwood has no good answers. Do you have any suggestions or do you recommend a universal remote to replace it?

    Thanks in advance for your excellent advice!

  2. Alf S

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    Hey Matt.

    Depending on the model DVD player, you should be ok having both the analog and optical. At most, you may need to go into the DVD set-up menu and make an audio adjustment..or it may ok without any adjustment...easiest way to be sure is just try it. [​IMG]

    As for the remote, I can't offer any Kenwood remote advice, but I can tell you that for $60, the new Kameleon remote from Radio Shack is an AWESOME family friendly remote with TONS of features and it is upgradeable via the phone. You can just call their 800# with the model # of your equipment and they can usually find a code to match it. A VERY cool remote.


    Read about it HERE
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    The Kameleon is a neat remote. I saw it at CES this year. As an interesting side note, next years Kenwood will include a customized Kameleon remote!

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