DVD causes weird modulation on screen

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by ron feinberg, Jan 2, 2005.

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    For Christmas, I purchased my wife a basic DVD player to hook up to her bedroom TV. The TV is a 13" tube style, integrated VHS, fairly recent basic model. It has basic audio/video RCA jacks on its own input. So, it all hooks up rather obviously and without problems. I turn the TV on, switch the TV to that external input, start the DVD...and I can see the DVD play just fine.

    Here's the problem. While the DVD is playing, the picture "modulates" slowly between a bright and dark image. You can see this pattern obviously, as the image shines bright, then slowly darkens, then slowly brightens, etc....

    This only happens while a DVD is playing. Not while watching Cable TV, or the integrated VHS player. I've now tried several different DVD players connected to those inputs, and always the same thing. So it's not the player....it's clearly the TV's ability to accept a DVD signal. I even tried connecting the DVD through an FM Modulater unit...directly through the cable input, using channel 3, and got the same result. For some reason, the TV cannot seem to work well with an external input.

    Any suggestions? Does this have something to do with Copy Protection signal? Or some video signal modulation? Is some kind of adapter, or signal amplifier, that I should try?

    Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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    Yep. The Copy Protection and VCR are interacting. With a combined TV/VCR, I'm not sure of your options without a player that can defeat copy protection (the original Sony 7000, etc). Anything more than that probably starts stepping over the Illegal boundary of HTF.
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    Do you have a blank tape inserted into the VHS unit? If so, take it out. Perhaps the DVD player thinks that you are trying to copy the disc to tape. Very strange indeed.

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