DVD-Audo/SACD--which way and how?

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  1. CollinMorphew

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    Aug 26, 2002
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    Doing all these upgrades has me a bit confused. I bought a new recevier with 7.1 capabilites and 7 JBL Studio's to go with it. Now I want to upgrade DVD players. I don't need progressive scan but will get it by virtue of wanting DVD audio across all channels. I actually wanted both DVD-A and SACD in two seperate components--can't pull the 1k trigger on a dual player especially since there isn't much selection of music. If I go this direction, is there any way to hook both devices to one receiver to get all channels playing with both devices--I do not have a receiver that supports 2 5.1 inputs. If there is no way to hook up both, would the SACD 2 channel (with Sub?) sound ok on S38's (8 inch, 4 inch, 1 inch)?
    Thanks for any input--still learning [​IMG]
  2. Ryan Beerski

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    you could try using 3 inexpensive rca stereo audio (or video) switchers: one for the fronts, one for the surrounds, and another one for the center and sub. it wouldn't be particularly fun to switch 3 seperate things every time you wanted to change between formats, but this method would be easy and cheap...
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    Radio Shack sells an audio/video switcher that will also work. You will need two of these to switch the six audio channels.
  4. Justin Lane

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    I have a very similar setup to yours (JBL Studio series all around) so hopefully I can give you some insight.
    As far as getting a DVD-Audio player, I recently picked up the Panasonic DVD-RA60S from 6ave.com. They currently have it on clearance for $117 plus shipping which is the cheapest I have seen a DVD-A player to date. It is only an interlaced player, but has both excellent video and audio performance, and provided a definite upgrade over my previous Pioneer DV-525.
    DVD-RA60S @ 6ave
    I have found that my JBL S38 mains perfrom admirably with DVD-Audio along with my Infinity subwoofer. They are very much up to the task musically. Once you experience DVD-A, normal CDs begin to sound a bit dull.
    As for an SACD player, I am in the same position as you, still looking for a player. I am seriously contemplating picking up a Sony 222ES for around $375, but have been holding out for Sony to announce some new players for the next model year. I am hoping I do not get shut out on the audio only players, and end up getting stuck with DVD/SACD combo.
    Hook up can be completed as mentioned earlier using a couple of Radio Shack A/V switch boxes. (Do a serach, as there are many threads which will mention the exact part numbers). With SACD, the majority of the titles are stereo only to date, so you could also get away with just hooking the player up to the standard analog inputs for a CD player on your receiver, to enjoy higher resolution sound. As more multichannel discs become available you could then go the switch box route. Even Multichannel SACD discs will still contain a high-res stereo mix, so you never have to go multi if you dont want to.

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