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Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Matt Weldy, Feb 22, 2004.

  1. Matt Weldy

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    Feb 4, 2002
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    Ok I have a question! I have a dvd audio player dvd-1600. I have all of the analogs connected to my denon avr 3803. I was noticeing on the back of my only dvd a Faith Hill' Cry. That is is also dts how do I play the dts part in my system. Tell me if this is wrong.

    I put the disc in and hit ext.in and it is multi channel for sure
    I hit the dvd (like I was going to watch a dvd) and all I get for the signal is dts neo and prologic II. Is there just no actual digital signal on this disc.

    I am seeing multichannel discs and dvda is this just not a multi channel disc. Or is my dvd player doing the decoding and I am just not getting a dts flag.

    I guess what really confused me is a I saw a disc on dtsonline.com that is dts es. And if I use the analogs I wont get all the channels of the es with the ext.in.

    If I havent totally confused you please shed some light on this subject I just dont want to be missing out on something.

  2. David Judah

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    In the audio menu of the disc, you'll usually have up to 3 choices on a DTS DVD-A.

    1. DTS multichannel
    2. Stereo PCM
    3. MLP multichannel

    The first two will work with any DVD player and the third one is for DVD-A capable players. Since you have DVD-A player, I'd suggest the hi-rez tracks for multichannel which are compressed in a lossless fashion with MLP, instead of playing back the lossy encoded DTS tracks.

    I don't know that it defaults to the MLP tracks, so you might have to select it in the menu.

  3. BrianWoerndle

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    Feb 19, 2002
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    Also check the setup menu in the DVD player. My 2900 has a setting to play the AUDIO or VIDEO portion of the DVD. The DTS layer would be on the video portion for people with normal DVD players.
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    I have a somewhat related question I've been curious about. I don't yet have a DVD-A player, so the answer may be obvious once I actually buy one (hopefully soon). If I want to play both DVD-A and DVD-Video, do I need to connect both the optical digital and the analog 5.1 connections? Or can the 5.1 connections also be used for DD, DTS etc found on DVD-Video discs? I'm trying to minimize the number of wires from my (future) DVD-Audio player to the receiver, but obviously I want everything to work correctly.

    Thanks in advance.

    Steve K.
  5. Neil White

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    Jan 8, 1999
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    I've been wrestling with DVD-A and DVD-V layers on DVD-A discs lately. On most DVD-A discs, you can only get to the DD or DTS tracks by accessing the DVD-V layer on the disc. I believe this is usually achieved by selecting an option in your PLAYER'S menu (not the discs menu). My Denon DVM-2815 does NOT have this option and thus on discs that offer DTS/DD as well as the true MLP/PPCM hi-rez tracks I cannot access the DTS/DD stuff. I can see them if I put the disc in a non-DVD-A player (different disc menu offered-up when I do).

    Note, however, that I have some discs (A Night at the Opera for one) that have the DTS track as an option on the main DVD-A menu and I can access it just fine. But, on Steely Dan's Two Against Nature, The Eagles' Hotel California etc, I CANNOT get to the DD/DTS tracks in my 2815.

    You may have the same issue with the 1600 but it seems the 2900 does offer the player menu option to allow you to get to the DVD-V stuff so each player is different.

    Your are seeing DPLII etc when you switch to your digital input as you are just receiving a PCM stereo signal over the digital connection regardless of track selected from the DVD-A disc. The digital connection is not capable of transmitting multi-channel hi-rez data (DD/DTS being compressed).

    Althought the hi-rez tracks are going to offer the best stuff on the disc, it's frustrating that I can't access all the available work on a disc.

    See discussion here:


    Note that no one has responded to my last question in the above thread about whether this lack of access to DVD-V is common on DVD-A players.


    If the player has an internal DD and DTS decoder, it will send decoded DD and DTS over the 5.1 analog connections if you desire. It's usually a better option though to have your receiver do this over a digital connection from the player.

  6. Jerzy

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    Jan 12, 2004
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    The anolog connections will most likely work just fine for video discs, but depending upon the player, you will also want to connect the digital cable for better bass management and speaker placement settings, from your AV receiver. After all it's only one more cable.

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