DVD audio connection for SR7200 or sr 7300

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Hisham_k, Mar 28, 2003.

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    Hi guys :
    for the owners of marantz SR 7200 or Sr 7300 , by connecting
    a DVD audio player thru the analog inputs, to what input do you set the receiver to : will it be multichannel or do you keep it
    in auto mode ?
    Using multichannel input will require going to the menu of the receiver every time and setting the multichannel to on.
    Then for watching movies it should be set to off. A digital connection is used as well from the dvd player to the receiver.
    By the way I am using a CP-72 as a DVD-A and DVD-V.
    Your help is highly appreciated.
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    Sorry, but you're wrong on almost every count!

    "Auto" mode is not for sensing an input, but rather for a surround processor mode (e.g. Dolby Digital or Dolby Pro-Logic, etc.)

    For connecting DVD-A or SACD, you would use the 6.1-ch input (7.1 on the 7300), [even though DVD-A and SACD are only 5.1, Marantz has the extra input channel].

    You do not need to go into the on screen display in order to activate or de-activate the input, there is a switch on the front of the receiver and a button on the remote for this.

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