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Apr 16, 2003
OK, just got the Denon DVD-1600 DVD player, mainly for DVD-Audio. I currently have an old Yamaha HTR-5240 receiver (stop laughing). Anyway, the question is: does the DAC in the receiver have any bearing on the DVD-Audio signal coming through the external 5.1 inputs, or is the player in control of that signal?

What is boils down to is, should I get a receiver with a 96/24 DAC, or a receiver with a 192/24 DAC? And if I get a receiver with a 96/24, will I be able to listen to DVD-A 192/24 stereo tracks?

Just for giggles, I'm looking at the Yamaha HTR-5660, but if anyone has a better idea for a receiver that pumps good DVD-Audio, and is in the general price range (give or take $150), let me know too.

One more thing, frequency range is the best indicator of proper speakers for DVD-Audio, correct? And if so, what frequency range should all of my speakers fall into to get the best audio possible? My L/R Fronts are 35Hz to 27kHz, rears are 80Hz to 30kHz, and the center is 70Hz to 30kHz. Is a speaker upgrade in the cards also?

Thanks for reading this muck, and if you answered, double thanks.


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Apr 24, 2002
For DVD Audio you need a 6 channel input on your receiver, which from a quick Google search it looks like you have. If you are running 6 RCA cables from your DVD player to your receiver, then you have your system setup correctly for DVD-A (assuming you selected the 'external input' on the Yammie).

The internal DACs have nothing to do with the DVD-Audio decoding - it is done inside of the DVD player. Your receiver is just amplifying the signal it receives from the DVD player.

The frequency response of your speakers is fine. Most only go up to 20KHz, which is as high as most people can hear. The higher quality speakers you have, the more benefit you will get from DVD-A or SACD. If you have $200 speakers, you probably won't notice a difference in sound quality (unless you got DVD-A for surround music, and even then you should have quality speakers to get the most out of the formats).


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May 13, 2001
regarding speakers, if your player or receiver doesn't have the bass (analog) management for dvda, you need full range speakers all around or you can stick with your current speakers and add an external bass management equipment like the outlaw icbm.

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