DVD-A + Silverline + Ministry "Animositisomina"

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  1. Antonio Silva

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    Feb 12, 2000
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    First of all, i confess my almost ignorance about DVD-A. Never bought one, don't know what they are like because nothing was released that got my interest. Until now.

    It seems that the new Ministry cd "Animositisomina" is also being released in DVD-A.

    My questions are:

    Anyone out there bought it?

    Is DVD-A worth it?

    Also, i did a search on this forum and it seems that Silverline's got a bad reputation.

    Should i stay away from this release and stick with the regular cd.

    Sorry if some of this questions are a bit naive, but i don't know that much about DVD-A.

    Thanks in advance,


    Ps- The DVD-A info doesn't have to be specific to the Ministry release.
  2. Justin Lane

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    Jan 18, 2000
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    If Ministry is indeed a Silverline artist (I have no clue), and this is a new recording, I would expect their DVD-A to be very nice. You run into problems with Silverline when they take older and live recordings of artists who are not in their stable then make pseudo 5.1 mixes with no dedicated stereo tracks available. If you are a big fan of Ministry, you will probably pick up the disc either way though.


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