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DVD-A FAQ's???? (1 Viewer)

Sean Patrick

Supporting Actor
Apr 22, 1999
Having stumbled upon DVD Audio by accident (my new progressive scan dvd player has a DVD-A decoder), i have a lot of questions... i really haven't followed the development of DVD-A at all, and even after many searches i can't find some basic info...

why is it that all of the current dvd-a dvd players pass the audio only through the analog outputs? How can 5.1 be passed that way? what's the point in going halfway when one of the major benefits of DVD-a is the multichannel audio? also.. - is the 2-channel analog DVD-A going to sound better than PCM Digital?

is there a FAQ list anywhere for DVD-A? How committed are studios to putting out a lot of quality titles on DVD-A? The only album I saw at Best Buy that I would think of buying is Rumours.

thanks for any info

Daniel L

Stunt Coordinator
Oct 8, 1999
Is the 2-channel analog DVD-A going to sound better than PCM Digital?
Unfortunately, I only have the 2-Channel PCM version of Metallica/Metallica. To be honest I've never compared the two, since I always opt for the multi-channel version.

Hopefully others with a little more A/B experience can chime in.

Of the 16 DVD-Audio discs that I have my favorites are:

A.I. - The Soundtrack

Foreigner - Foreigner & 4

Stone Temple Pilots - Core

Eagles - Hotel California

The Eric Clapton albums are also very nice, and I can't wait for Yes - Magnification, which is their new album.

Daniel L

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