DVD-A and SVCD - Pros and Cons

Discussion in 'Playback Devices' started by Ben LG, Jul 24, 2003.

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    I recently picked up my first dvd audio disc, The Corrs in Blue because I am very famaliar with their music and especially this particular album and wanted to see what DVD-A had to offer (also the fact that amazon seems to have a very limited selection). Needless to say it is superior to the CD version which I dont think I am ever going back to! To me it sounds pretty darn good already on a budget $120 Panasonic S55 dvd player. I picked up the Panny to sort of get my feet wet and not make a rash decision before picking up a more expensive player. Looking for the best bang for the buck led me to looking at the Pioneer DV-563A Universal player that does both SACD and DVD-A for only $180 on crutchfield. Any thoughts on this specific player because it would be best of course and convenient and not to mention cheaper (best price for a universal player?) to be able to play both formats on one player. What do you think would be the next standard, DVD-A or SACD and any opinions on why one might be better than the other? Browsing around the forum, alot of people seem to recommend Sony's ES line of SACD players so I am looking at picking up 222ES or the Pioneer and selling the Panasonic I currently own. Last, kind of off topic but has anyone seen the Live at Royal Albert Hall and Live in London dvds from The Corrs, I am blown away by how much better they actually sound live than their studio recordings!
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    IMHO both SACD and DVD-A will continue for the near future. Neither is going to be the new standard. Now that both have gone multichannel and cheap universals are available both formats can survive (beyond the audiophile niche)

    I have the DV-563A and a full collection of the Corrs catalogue so will try to answer your question.

    I have tried the following high-rez players:
    Pio DV-563
    Sony CE775
    Sony DVP755
    Pio Elite DV45
    Pio Elite DV47

    On SACD, DVD, DVD-A, and CD I would place the 563 in the middle beating the Sonys but worse than Elites (dragged down by redbook performance more than anything else)

    Simply, the 563 sounds good...good enough for cables to matter. Its only $30 more than the player it replaced in my rack but is a very significant step up in terms of sound stage, depth, accurate reproduction.
    And DVDs look better also.

    I'm not thrilled with the mix on In Blue. I would not use this release as reference. Where high-rez really shines is on acoustic music and the few snippets of Sharon's violin are too processed to take advantage of the bandwidth for harmonics. I would suggest something from AIX or cheaper Teldec and Naxos. I have Barenboim's Beethoven on Teldec

    If you like the live performances make sure to buy the back-catalogue. Studio albums are made to be radio-friendly while concerts are for the fans. In Blue is the worst offender as Mutt Lange transformed the Corrs into Andrea plus accompaniment with Irish instruments used only as props. In Forgiven, Not Forgotten there is substantial use of vocal harmonies, tin whistle, bodhran, and violin. 6 of the 15 tracks are instrumentals! The tendency to overproduce is less so on stage. And from what I've heard they're a great live act! Live in London I treat as reference. Live sounds better because its "real" on the In Blue DVDA the engineers are playing around too much (matrixing the vocals; they also did that on the Norah Jones album)

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    Great Thread!!!!!

    I read that SACD-2 was coming in the fall. Perhaps a cheap universal player is the way to go for know until it all shakes out. I was considering both the Denon and Yamaha product at < $1,000. After reading this it may be better to go this route and wait. I can always move that unit to the bedroom when the shakeout is somewhat complete[​IMG]
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