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Discussion in 'Speakers' started by Wayde_R, Nov 17, 2004.

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    Is it okay to split your sub output to two subwoofers?

    I have a second sub and it looks like I won't be selling one very soon. I'd like to use it as a second sub on my system while I still have it. People who use two subs, do they just put an RCA out "splitter" on their receiver's sub out and connect each side to a different sub? Is there some other way to do it?


    My extra sub is Boston, VR500. It has self powered amp of 100W and it has speaker inputs. If I use my speaker inputs (run it in series with my front speakers)will it hog the power from the amp that is powering my fronts? Or will my subs own amp still be used? Does anyone do this "front speaker series" connection to any benifit? I know I'll be able to set my fronts to "large" and not miss a signal but I wonder if passing the output of a 100Watt amp through both fronts and sub is more bother than its worth. I don't think I like the idea of my front speakers audio signal passing through a crossover before reaching the speakers, might this bog down the amp too?

    Just some random thoughts on what you guys with two subs do would be appreciated.

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    You are correct, just add a splitter, then you will want to calibrate both subs (each individually), then calibrate them as a whole (where if you turn one down, turn the other down the same amount (roughly).

    You might notice some phase issues if you don't have them co-located...so be aware of that.

    Otherwise there's not a whole lot of difference between one and two subs. [​IMG]

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