Dual Subwoofer Hookup

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    I presume this may have been a topic of discussion previously...any additional expertise will be of great help..

    I wish to connect 2 powered subwoofers as such:

    From the only one SUBOUT connection on the receiver hook a Y


    One end goes to the NHT 65watt subwoofer.

    The other end to the other 150watt NHT SUBONE subwoofer.

    Both subs are NHT. Both have an outboard amplifier.

    The only difference is the power rating.

    To connect the 2 subs to the amplifier(ONKYO TXDS656), I will use:

    One Y cable from SUB A

    One Y cable from SUB B

    One Y cable coming out of the receiver to split the signal.


    Is this possible??(splitting the SUBOUT signal)??

    To my knowledge signal splitting should not cause the receiver to "choke", as the subwoofers have their own power

    to drive the low frequencies..

    In any case if my theory is incorrect, what is the BEST way to connect DUAL subs with the type of receiver I currently have.
  2. Brian Fellmeth

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    Your in good shape. Line level signals can be split with relative impunity. No so with speaker level connections though. Take your sub out, use a decent quality Y adaptor and run an RCA to each sub. Splitting again to put 2 feeds into each sub is commonly done (i even do it myself), but it is unnecessary and in fact pointless unless your sub trim is almost pinned.

    Here is some additional unsolicited advice. Put the subs side by side unless 1) your receiver is set to cross them high (>100 Hz) or 2) you listen to mostly music and must have stereo subs. Separating the subs, such as under each main, can aggrevate room nulls and peaks.

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