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Andy Hardin

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Aug 14, 2000
I'm working on a new project, and must admit am clueless when it comes to setting a PC up to run dual monitors.

I'm setting up a mp3 jukebox using the Virtual Jukebox application that has just been updated to be compatitble with dual monitors (http://www.cybertechdesign.net/mameroom/vjpc.htm), so that the selection is on one screen and additional items (videos, lyrics, etc) are on the second screen.

I'm doing this on a dedicated machine and will eventually build a dedicated cabinet to match my M.A.M.E. cabinet in my game room. The main monitor is a touchsceen monitor which the software supports and the secondary monitor will a conventional monitor.

The machine I got for it is a cheap 600Mhz e-machines but will work perfectly (and it was free from my brother!).

What is my easiest and most cost effective way to do this in XP. I know I will have to get a secondary video card, are there cards out there that will run both monitors from one card, or will I set up the on board VGA card and get a PCI card for the secondary monitor?

As I said, I've never done this and am trying to get my arms around it before I start. Thanks!


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Jan 8, 2003
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dual monitors is cake, just get two monitors connected to your computer and tweak the display properties and your off.

I worry about the e-machine as I can easily imagine it having onboard video and no AGP slot. so before any good advice can be given you need to tell me if I am right or wrong in my assumptions.

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