Dual-monitor computer -- what sort of desk arrangement to use?

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    David Fischer
    I picked up a Radeon VE DualHead video card last night (on sale at CompUSA [​IMG] ). I've got it running now, with an old 15" monitor as my second display. But now my desk is quite cramped with 17" and 15" monitors. I'm looking for suggestions on desk arrangements for dual-display setups.
    Any comments, thoughts, or crazy ideas are appreciated.
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    Mar 23, 2000
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    Right now I've got a desk full of equipment - and am just counting myself very lucky that I have the desk I do! Not long after I moved into my new apartment, my landlord had to get rid of some furniture from other tenants that had left, and one of the items I picked up for free was a _very_ nice drafting table with a huge tabletop - I think it's something like 4' by 6', possibly 4.5' by 7'. That's given me space to set up all my computer equipment with three 17" monitors (two for my main work Mac and one for my PC), two keyboards (one each for the mac and pc) and two trackballs (ditto). Underneath the desk on the support bars/footrest are the PC (minitower case) on the far right, my main Mac (a B&W tower) on the far left, and my iMac (that runs my website) just beside the mac tower (I don't have to worry about keyboard/mouse for the iMac since it's my webserver).
    So...if you can find a big enough desk...it's possible to find a good setup! [​IMG]

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