Dual high excursion Subwoofers for sale

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  1. Selling my two little monsters[​IMG]
    They are pretty new and are awesome subs. The ONLY reason I am selling is to fund a new project. I have this...ummmm...problem...with buying/building new gear [​IMG]

    here is some really rough info. If you are interested, please email me[​IMG]

    enclosures are MDF/Baltic birch with Maple. veneer and solid wood facing. about 28Hx14.5Wx16.5D.

    The drivers are very high excursion, low distortion, low LE (3.0). with about 2.2L of linear displacement each.

    I am asking $700obo for the pair (material aquisition if you were to build these are almost $900).
    Local sales only please.
    I can arrange an audition for those with serious interest.

    You can see plenty of larger pics of them at either of the two links (mirrors of each other)

  2. btw, these drivers are prototypes that I had built (for a larger project that was never realized). They use Adires' XBL^2 technology.
  3. Brian Bunge

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    Sep 11, 2000
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    Anyone that doesn't jump on these at this price is downright crazy! [​IMG]
  4. Dave Crigna

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    Dec 8, 2001
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    I have heard these two little monsters in person, and they are awesome. They can go loud and more important rumble down below. Sorry Tony, but the pics do not due your subs justice. They are much better in person[​IMG] Finish is very nice. If I wasn't still waiting on my tumult, I would jump on these.[​IMG]
  5. Thanks for the support guys [​IMG]
  6. just updated the pages with a couple of pictures of the monster 12" drivers out of the enclosures.
  7. SOLD. Thanks for looking
  8. bruin

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    Nov 29, 2002
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    Although these MONSTERS can break your back or maybe even 2 backs, they sound impressive. Very tight, clean, smooth, what else? It's awesome!...bass notes don't hang for that extra millisecond...

    When we played the Balrog Scene...my fav scene in LOTR...when those columns are wavering and falling...oh man! and when the Balrog chases them down to the bridge...the stomps!

    My 20-39 SVS (w/ISD driver) is great don't get me wrong...but Tony's subs have a bit more and then some.

    I might have to give one up soon because as of now in my room setup, 1 Sub is ENOUGH and 2 is overkill imho.

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