Dual fan power supplies...Do they make a difference?

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    I've noticed the power supply fan on my new case hardly blows anything out. I have two other fans on the back of the case that blow out a lot more air. At first I thought the fan was dead or on the wrong way.
    Anyway, I think just about any half decent power supply will do a better job than mine but what about the PS's like the ENERMAX EG365P-VE?
    Does the extra fan do a better job? I need all the cooling I can get. Even with this new case and 3 extra fans (one blows in at the front), I'm still at a system temp of 38C. I'd like to be atleast 35.
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    I have the 431w Enermax Whisper (forget the model #). I can't say if the second fan helps the PSU at all but it certainly aids in air flow through my case.

    The lower fan (the one inside the case) only comes on at a specific temperature.

    If you're overclocking Enermax PSUs may not be the best. They run pretty low on the 5v rail -Antec PSUs are considered among the best in this category.

    That said, I haven't had any issues OCing my system.

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