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    I want to do a dual boot, and I've never attempted it before. I was told to install the old operating system first, then install the new one.

    So, I installed ME on the HD first. Then, I did an upgrade with Windows XP, rather than a fresh install. I got worried when it didn't ask me to petition the hard drive, and turns out I was right that it didn't happen at all. So, what am I doing wrong?
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    This is what you need to do Neil:

    1. Starting with an empty hard drive, create at least two partitions. You'll need one for each operating system. You could always create a third and keep all of your own data on there, though you don't have to.
    2. Install Windows Me onto the first partition (Drive C)
    3. Install Windows XP onto the second partition. You need to perform a fresh installation. There is also an option called "Allow me to choose the destination partition during setup" (or something similar) which you need to enable during the first part of XP setup.
    4. When XP has installed, you'll find that your machine now has an NT bootloader menu on power-up. Choose your OS and you're done.[/list=1]

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