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Dual 25-39CS+ Review Oh My God!!! (1 Viewer)


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Dec 16, 2001
I was expected my new Denon 2802 driving home I was very excited. Well I get home and my girlfriend just stares at me like I just spent 1500 on two...oh wait nevermind :) Anyway there in my living room was 2 boxes with SVS Bass on the side, the sampson amp was far larger then I expected. I almost lost it partly because I knew I had off the next day the timing was perfect. I was wishing I could just snap my fingers and then everything would be set, but I had to do the normal stuff. Move this DVD player here, this CD player there. After about 2 hours I had the pillers of power amped up and ready for...The Matrix, you know what part. OH MY GOD, did I just hear my neighbor's house shake. Then after the copter hits...I was expected the police at my door. Next up Toy Story 2, my jaw hit the floor...nothing new with SVS owners. TPM bassed out beyond. Music was fantasic. Then I finally decided to hook up the second :) :) Wow one would be enough for any bass LFE freak, but two just stomped my house. Oh my god I am so pleased with this product that if you do not buy one you miss out on a fantastic product. Now I'm waiting for my Diva 6.1 package suppose to be shipped in June...but hell maybe I'll get them sooner. Well I'm off to try the port blocker to put it at 20hz low enough for me. Thanks you SVS.

Tom Vodhanel

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Sep 4, 1998
Thanks for taking the time to post your thoughts on the subs. I'm esp glad you felt the music performance was worth noting as *fantastic*. :)
I think you might feel the music is even a little better with the port blocker in place. This will cause a VERY slight rolloff in the freq-response down low(even though the extension gets deeper simultaneously). Since most music bass is centered >45hz...you could perceive this as *quicker/more musical* sounding. Definitely worth a shot since you already have the plug.

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