DTV & HDTV Questions for Redding/Chico CA

Discussion in 'TV Shows' started by WilliamPC, Jan 9, 2005.

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    May 13, 2004
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    I am a DTV subscriber and have the HD package. Of course HDTV is not availible in my market because its so small. I am trying to figure out my options for getting network HD either thru DTV or OTA. I have tried 5 different indoor antennas and the best reception ironically came from a 10 yr old rabbit ear unit. I tried the Zenith Silver Sensor and the Terk HDTVi which looks a lot like the Silver Sensor. Neither worked AT ALL. Got nothing even tho the closest channel is 18 miles way according to antennaweb.

    I guess I need to know if I should try an outdoor antenna and which would be the best. Here are the antennaweb results for my zip, 96002. Notice that there is no FOX HD availible.

    * yellow - uhf KNVN-DT 36.1 NBC CHICO CA 131° 23.4 36
    * red - uhf KIXE-DT 9.1 PBS REDDING CA 268° 17.2 18
    * red - uhf KRCR-DT 34.1 ABC REDDING CA 268° 17.2 34
    * blue - uhf KHSL-DT 43.1 CBS CHICO CA 125° 51.9 43

    Besides an outdoor antenna, am I completely SOL when it comes to FOX HD since I get the local SD broadcast thru DTV????

    I really would like to watch the NFL playoffs and Superbowl in HD this year. Seems kinda lame when you shell out over $5k for a HDTV, reciever and other gear and you cant really use it to its fullest because of stupid laws.

    Sorry for the long post or if its in the wrong area. I am really frustrated and would like some guidance. Calls to DTV were no help at all.

    Thanks everyone.
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    I think you may be SOL. I dont know if Redding has much of a market. You may want to call DTV again or try Comcast and see what they offer you.

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