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Nov 1, 2017
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DTS:X Audio Integration on New LG G7ThinQ Phone

Xperi Corporation, DTS parent company, has partnered with LG Electronics to integrate an 'exclusive' version of of DTS:X immersive audio tech onto LG's latest mobie phone, the G7ThinQ. While Home Theater Forum rarely ventures into the mobile phone terrain - and away from the big screen movie experience - it's interesting to see what multi-channel technologies are finding a home on tiny pocket devices, developments which might have seemed nigh on impossible feats a decade ago. It's also worth bearing in mind that we assume some of our members will want to take their movie experience on the road with them.

According to the company, the DTS:X technology for mobile devices will deliver 'enhanced' audio from a device's built-in speaker, as well as headphones and ear buds, facilitating the playback of content from theoretically anywhere. The LG G7ThinQ phone will feature the latest DTS:X audio enhancement technologies optimized for the phone's design, delivering 'an ultimate' mobile audio experience for the playback of movies, games and music.


No doubt the headphone solution will be impressive, but the jury will be out on the phone's speaker performance. Nevertheless, Xperi is excited: “We developed this DTS:X solution exclusively for LG mobile phones based on our long-term partnership with LG Electronics to deliver unparalleled immersive sound for their consumers,” said Jea Yoo, president of Xperi Korea. “This partnership with LG Electronics will take the mobile entertainment experience to a whole new level.”

The LG G7ThinQ will be available in South Korea this month, followed by a US release in early June, with further rollouts scheduled for other regions around the world in the following weeks/months. As expected, you can find out more from the www.dts.com website, which includes an impressive DTS Headphone:X demo for standard headphones, if you haven't already tried it.

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