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Nov 1, 2017
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DTS Virtual:X Available On First Skyworth MAX OLED TVs

DTS has announced that its DTS Virtual:X post-processing technology is now available in Skyworth’s S8A and S9A MAX OLED TVs. Skyworth hails from China and showed up for the first time at CES this year. While it manufactures a large range of white goods and home appliances, the 40,000-strong company is clearly set on taking a slice of the highly competitive US TV market. The company is not entirely devoid of controversy, to put it mildly, and has been accused of 'ripping off' LG with certain features and in model categories.

MAX TV is Skyworth's high-end smart TV which is integrated with what the company calls 'AI Image Quality' and 'AI Voice'. Skyworth claims it will continue to integrate DTS audio technologies in future products as part of a multi-year partnership between the two companies.

DTS Virtual:X technology for televisions enables an immersive home entertainment experience directly from the TV’s internal speakers. DTS Virtual:X will also enhance the quality of TV speakers, by improving dialog clarity and bass output. The technology supports any input source from stereo to a 7.1.4 layout and is designed to work with all DTS codecs, including the flagship DTS:X. For legacy content, an upmixer is included. DTS Virtual:X and its architecture should enable product manufacturers to utilize one or more features concurrently, including virtual height and virtual surround.

“We are excited to announce our multi-year agreement with Skyworth and the integration of DTS Virtual:X on its first smart OLED TVs,” said Christopher Lang, general manager, Xperi Greater China. “Through partnerships such as this, DTS continues to provide new and unique post-processing audio technologies to deliver the best possible experience to consumers as they enjoy today’s movies and TV shows in the home.”

Market trends show a demand for larger TV screen sizes and thinner form factors, limiting TV speaker driver size and placement and compromising the audio experience from a TV alone. DTS Virtual:X technology addresses this problem, claims the company, and will provide an immersive sound experience without the need for larger drivers or additional speakers added to the television.

“DTS Virtual:X technology allows our customers to enjoy immersive sound directly from their TV’s stereo speakers for a better entertainment experience,” said Mr. Yu Jianwei, China marketing headquarters executive vice general manager and marketing director at Skyworth. “We’re looking forward to continuing our relationship with DTS and integrating the technology into future products.”

If anyone has hands-on experience with any of the Skyworth TV range, either in the US or beyond, please share your comments...

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