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    Hi, My system is a Panasonic DVDA-120 DVD player with a Sony STR-DE485 receiver. This system can play any Dolby Digital, PCM, or MLP audio without problem but when DTS is attempted, there is no sound whatsoever. This is quite problematic as many DVDs have only the option for DTS and not the other surround sound formats. Both the DVD player and receiver explicitly advertise that they can play DTS. This is the DVD player I have: http://www.amazon.com/Panasonic-DVDA120-DVD-A120-DVD-Player/dp/B00000JMUG As you can see, it says that it can run DTS. And this is the receiver: http://www.amazon.com/Sony-STR-DE485-Audio-Receiver-Surround/dp/B0000665PD/ref=sr_1_1?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1317610561&sr=1-1 The interesting thing is that it says the DVD player lacks a Dolby Digital decoder, which is odd seeing that that's the one that works. I'm thinking now that maybe DTS doesn't work because it's encoding with the DVD player before it gets to the receiver or something? Also I'm using an optical digital audio cord as opposed to a coaxial cable. Do you think that would make any difference? I looked on the manual of both and I can't see anything wrong with the setup. Please help me resolve this issue. Thank you, Jake
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    HI Jake,

    Welcome to the forum!

    Sorry to hear you're having issues. With things like this, it's often hard to know if the problem lies with the player or the receiver.

    Since Dolby Digital works fine, you should check the settings in the DVD player first. From the "Settings" screen of the DVD player, select "Digital Audio Output". You should see settings for LPCM, Dolby Digital and DTS. Make sure that both Dolby Digital and DTS are set to "Bitstream". This ensures that the properly encoded multichannel audio stream is sent out of the player to the receiver, for decoding there. There's a chance that DTS is set to "Off" which happens to be the factory default. If you never changed this, then there's the problem!

    If that's set to bitstream and you still get no sound, then the problem presumably lies with the receiver.

    First, to make sure that Dolby Digital is working properly, can you verify that the front panel displays "DD Digital" when playing Dolby-encoded DVDs and not "Pro Logic"?

    Make sure the display shows "Auto Dec." meaning it's automatically detecting the sound format, and that the sound field you have selected is "Norm. Surr." - i.e. normal surround mode, no extra processing.

    If still no luck, let me know.

    Hope this helps.


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    Another thing to try is using a different digital audio input on the receiver. I had a Sony receiver at one time that would not play DTS audio on the CD digital input, but would play fine on DVD or Cable digital inputs.

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