DTS-ES vs DTS 6.1

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    I am looking at buying either the Denon 2802 or Marantz SR7200. While I understand most of the differences and similarities between the two (refering to the specs on their websites), I would like to know if there is a difference between DTS-ES (Denon 2802) and DTS 6.1 (Marantz SR7200).
    Please help
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    There does appear to be a difference, which Marantz is apparently trying to conceal by using misleading terminology. Its description of the 7200 refers to "Dolby Digital 6.1". There's no such thing.
    Denon uses the correct terminology: DTS-ES. There are two varieties of DTS-ES: matrix and discrete. The Denon 2802 lists both as features. Only the discrete version can legitimately be called "6.1". And Dolby Digital has no equivalent.
    I suspect the Marantz has only the matrix version of DTS-ES, but you'd need to confirm that with someone who has hands-on familiarity with the product.
    The difference between the matrix and discrete versions of DTS-ES is simply that the matrix version extracts a center rear channel from the left and right rears, while the discrete version has an independent center rear channel. The difference isn't terribly significant right now, as there are only a few titles encoded in DTS-ES discrete.
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    Ah, but the list is starting to grow. Thanks to Anchor Bay. [​IMG]
    By my understanding, only a piece of equipment with the official "DTS-ES Extended Surround" logo on the front has the DTS licensed decoding software for ES Discrete 6.1, ES Matrix, and Neo:6.
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