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Discussion in 'AV Receivers' started by Patrick-J, Jul 13, 2005.

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    So I have a fresh Pioneer 1015 that I have in a 7.1 speaker setup. I've poured through all the threads on DD-EX, DTS-ES and DPLIIx, but I still have one question. When I play a movie with DTS-ES Descrete mode on the Pioneer what happens to my 6th channel if DPLIIX is chosen? Here are the four relevent choices choices the Pioneer gives me.

    1) If I hit Auto-Detect the Pioneer correctly Displays EX-Discrete.

    2) If I then hit the THX button It still says ES-Discrete but the THX light comes on. So I'm assuming it's the same as pure ES-Discrete mode, with the addition of the THX processing

    3)Now it gets confusing to me. If I hit the advanced surround mode button I get DTS + PLIIX Movie on the display. Now the Dolby site makes the point of how DLPIIX makes 6 or 7 channels out of 5, but what happens if there is an existing 6th channel already?

    4) My Final Choice is DTS+PLIIX+THX I'm assuming this would be example 3 with THX post processing added.

    So I guess the primary question is what will DPLIIX do to my 6th channel?
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    It uses a matrix decoding method to decern what should be played in each surround back speaker. I believe it is actually somewhat changing each the data each surround speaker receives.

    So basically. The 6th speakers data is pretty much being split and being sent to both of your surround back speakers.

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